Fanlist Now Supports Paid Podcast Subscriptions

Fanlist Supports Paid Podcast Subscriptions

Fanlist Now Supports Paid Podcast Subscriptions!

Now, Fanlist lets you easily create and sell a paid podcast!
With our new “memberships” feature, you can now easily sell your paid podcast episodes. Fans can subscribe to your paid content right on your fan page.

It’s super easy to set up. We host your paid podcast feed and manage your podcast subscriptions…you focus on creating paid content and earning money!

To get started, just login to your Fanlist account and…

1. Setup Your Membership

Customize your subscription price. We support monthly, yearly, and one-time price options!

2. Customize Your Paid Podcast

We recommend creating a slightly different podcast name for your paid podcast. Consider adding “Plus” to differentiate from your free podcast, like…”True Crime Plus”.

3. Upload Your Bonus Episodes

Not sure what makes good “bonus” content? Check out our 10 Bonus Episode Ideas. Remember, your superfans want more of your content and want to support your show. 
That’s it! Your fans can immediately start subscribing to your paid show!


Do subscribers get a unique private RSS feed?

Yes, each subscriber gets their individual unique RSS feed. So, if they ever unsubscribe, we turn off their access to your paid content. 

Can subscribers access the premium podcast episodes in their podcast players?

Yes, your paid subscribers can add their unique RSS feed in popular podcast apps, like Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Castbox, and other podcast players.

Does this replace my current podcast?

As a best practice, we recommend you keep producing your free content on your normal podcast feed. Most creators produce a separate “plus” or “premium” feed that offers bonus content on top of their free podcast content.

How much does this cost?

This new feature is free to setup and use. We only earn money when you earn money, by taking a modest 7% transaction fee on fan subscriptions. 

The subscription price for your fans is totally customizable by you. 

What other membership features are you working on?

Over the next few months, we’ll roll out even more robust features for memberships. This includes things like members-only episode comments, support for other content tyes (like newsletter, article, video, etc), and Spotify integration. 

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