ALL PodInbox Pro Features Are Now Free on Fanlist!

All PodInbox Pro features are now Free on Fanlist

ALL Pro Features Are Now Free on Fanlist!

We’re excited to announce that ALL our Pro features are now FREE!

Yes, you heard that right. Our FREE Fanlist accounts now include ALL our Pro Features. And now, we’ve eliminated our paid plans!

This was not an easy decision for us, as this means we’re giving up all our subscription revenue for our existing paid plans.

Why Did We Do This?

Well, this decision began with a simple thought: we wanted ALL our users to experience the FULL benefits of our most powerful features. It just didn’t seem right to hide our best features behind a paywall.

For example, one of our most loved Pro features is letting creators view their “fan list”. With this feature, your fan page essentially becomes an organic lead capture tool. With another Pro feature, you can one-click connect your Mailchimp account to automatically sync your fan list to Mailchimp.

Now, everyone enjoys these features, and more, for free!

So Then…How Does Fanlist Make Money?

Now, we ONLY earn money when you earn money using Fanlist. This fully aligns us with your success, and we’re pretty excited about that!

So, if you use our monetization features, like accepting tips, selling perks, and selling subscriptions to your premium podcast…then we take a modest 7% transaction fee on your fan payments.

We looked across the industry of similar tools, and we determined that 7% is lower than 90% of comparable tools and enough to keep our services sustainable.

We Love This! How Do We Support You?

We appreciate you using Fanlist! We know fan engagement is a long-term strategy, which is why we wanted to give away our best features for free!

To best support us…keep engaging your fans on your Fanlist fan page and leverage our monetization features 😀. We’re confident that when you succeed as a creator, we’ll succeed with you!

Also, now that Fanlist is free…tell a fellow creator about it! Every creator needs a fan page, and the more creators we can get to use Fanlist, the better we can make the platform for everyone!

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