Now You Can Customize the Order of Your Fan Page Tabs

Customize the order of your fan page tabs and features

You Can Now Customize the Order of Your Fan Page Tabs

With our latest update, you can now customize the order of the tabs on your fan page.

As a reminder, we have tabs for all our core features, including: inbox, tips, perks, and members.

So, let’s say you want to prioritize receiving tips on your fan page.

You can now have your tips tab appear as the first tab on your fan page. You can even turn off all the other features, and just use receive tips on your fan page.

This gives you a huge amount of flexibility to decide how you want to best engage your fans.

Prior to this update, we required you to use our “inbox”…but now, you can even turn that off.

So, to customize your fan page tabs, simply…

  1. [Login]( to your Fanlist dashboard
  2. Click “page settings” on the main menu
  3. Here, simply drag and drop the various features to your desired order

Any feature that’s toggled on will appear on your fan page.

That’s it.

Just a simple update to help you customize Fanlist to fit your needs.

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