PodInbox Rebrands as Fanlist!

PodInbox rebrands as Fanlist

We're Rebranding as Fanlist!

We’re excited to announce our new brand name: Fanlist
And…our new URL will be fanlist.com

At the heart of our new name are the “fans”, and this new brand reflects our commitment to help creators and podcasters connect with their fans.  

When we first launched PodInbox, it was a pretty simple idea. To make it easy for podcasters to receive audio messages from fans. But since our launch, we’ve expanded our features to do much more than being a simple “inbox” for podcasters. 

Today, we provide a robust fan page for creators, letting creators receive messages, sell perks, receive tips, host a chat room, sell membership subscriptions, host premium content, and more. And, at the heart of all our features…is our commitment to help creators connect with their fans and to grow their fan list. 

Having a vibrant, growing fan list is at the core of every creator’s goal, so we wanted “Fanlist” to be at the core of our name and brand. 

Another reason we’re doing this is we’ve noticed some people misspelling “podinbox”. It wasn’t a lot of people, but it was enough that we wanted to choose a name that’s even easier for fans to remember and find. Since podcasters often mention their fan page URL in their episodes…we didn’t want to leave any room for errors. 

When Will This Change Happen

This name change will happen towards the end of December 2023. 

Before we make this change, we’re working on releasing several other major updates and new features ahead of this name change. 

One major change we’re working on is to make our FREE accounts even more powerful and feature-rich. We want to make sure ALL our users can take advantage of our most important features. 

We’re also working on a brand new membership feature for podcasters to sell subscriptions for their premium content. As fans become more comfortable paying for premium podcasts, we want to make it super easy for podcasters to launch and sell a premium podcast right on their fan page. 

These are big changes, so we’re planning on rolling out the new name shortly after. Stay tuned for these big announcements in December!

What Will I Need to Do?

There’s not much you need to do. 

Once we make the name change to Fanlist, the only thing we recommend is to make sure to promote your new fan page URL, and update any old links. That said, even if you don’t update your old links, we’ll automatically redirect them to your new fan page URL. 

So, if your fan page was:

Your new fan page URL will be:

Once we make this name change, any traffic to your old fan page URL at podinbox.com will automatically redirect to your new fan page at fanlist.com. So, there’s nothing to worry about, even if you don’t update your old links.

Hope you enjoyed this news. We’re definitely excited about it!

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