Two New Customization Options for Our Floating Widget

Two New Customization Options for Our Floating Widget

Our PodInbox widget just got a lot more personality. We can now feature you, right in the widget!

Now, in our floating widget, you can display your avatar or a custom video…to give more life and character to your PodInbox widget. Here’s a glimpse of what this new widget option looks like!

floating widget with avatar or video icon

Pretty cool right? It’s our way to make this important call-to-action on your website stand out a lot more. When you feature your profile pic, or a video of yourself talking, visitors on your site will be 5 times more likely to click this widget, vs the normal “leave a message” icon.

This will help you grab the attention of your fans and site visitors, and get more activity and messages on your audio capture widget. 

To display your PodInbox avatar in your widget, simply scroll down to the “select icon” section of the floating widget settings, select your avatar, and save settings. 

To display your video icon option, simply upload a new Widget Video in the Floating Widget settings area, select the video icon option, preview your new widget design, and save settings.

We highly recommend using this new video widget option, as it’s the most effective option to convert passive website visitors…to active site participants. When your website visitors see a video of you on your website, they’ll be more compelled to view that video…and follow whatever you’re requesting in your video.

floating widget settings

Please note, these 2 new widget options are only available on the PodInbox Pro plan. Upgrade now, to take advantage of this new option, along with a multitude of other premium features on our affordable Pro plan.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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