PodInbox Releases New Monetization Feature

PodInbox Releases New Monetization Feature

We’re super excited to announce our new feature that lets you accept fan donations, right on your PodInbox show page! 

PodInbox Monetization

See, we figured since you’re already engaging with your superfans on your PodInbox page, then that’s the MOST ideal place to accept fan support!

🤠 How We’re Different

Our core philosophy is to make fan donations more organic and fun. With other platforms, the ONLY reason fans would visit their page is if fans want to buy a monthly (patron) subscription, or if they are ready to donate (some coffee). There’s no other reason to hang out there.

With PodInbox, we think fan engagement comes FIRST. Your superfans initially visit your PodInbox page to engage with you, and THEN they have an opportunity to show their appreciation with a donation. Makes sense right?

Also, in our platform, we gamify the experience just enough, so that your superfans can earn top spots on your leaderboard. The more they give, the more recognition they get for being your top superfan.

🤔 How It Works

If you already have a Pro account, you can now activate monetization on your show page! All you have to do is…

  • Go to your PodInbox Dashboard
  • Click Monetization on the Main Menu
  • Click the Payout Account Tab
  • Create and Connect a Stripe Account
  • Go to Settings Tab and Toggle Monetization to ON

That’s it! Now tell your audience to head over to your page and give their support!

🤯 Some Highlights

Here are some things we think you’ll like…

  • 0% Transaction Fees for Paid Accounts
  • Superfan Leaderboard 
  • Lead Capture
  • Custom Community Name
  • Custom Thank You Emails

🤫 What’s Coming

Here’s a glimpse of some monetization features we’re working on to enhance it even more!

  • Message Tipping
  • Automatic Recurring Donations
  • Reward Levels
  • More Leaderboard Settings

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Enjoy and start activating your superfans!

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