PodInbox Launches New Perks Feature

PodInbox Launches New Perks Feature

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest core feature, Perks.

In a nutshell, Perks is a simple way for you to create things that fans can buy…right on your PodInbox Fan Page.

Podcasters can sell Perks to their Fans

Fans want to support you and engage deeper with you. With Perks, you can do just that! By creating Perks that your fans might want, you’re giving fans a tangible way to support your show…and get something out of it. Perks are a great way to activate your audience, and it can be a good revenue stream for you.

Perks can be just about anything, and it’s totally up to your imagination. Here are some creative things you can sell with Perks…

  • Episode Shoutouts
  • Books
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Digital Downloads
  • Discord or Slack Community
  • Group Zoom Calls
  • Private Zoom Calls
  • Private RSS Feed

When creating Perks, take into account what works for you and your fans. With this new feature, we’re including a library of Perk Templates that can help you customize your own Perks.

To use Perks, just log in to your PodInbox dashboard. There on the main menu, you’ll find a new option called “Perks”. Here you’ll be able to add, edit, and manage all your Perks.

To learn more about our new Perks feature, you can read more here…


This feature is available on all plan tiers, and you can create unlimited Perks.

We hope you like the new feature, and we can’t wait to see all the perks you’ll offer!

Since Perks is now one of our core features, it’s our priority to improve this feature even more.

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