PodInbox Launches Free Hobby Plan

PodInbox Launches Free Hobby Plan

We’ve been waiting to do this for a long time. As of today, we finally launched our free Hobby plan!

Yup, we decided to give most of our core product away for free, so that ALL podcasters can use PodInbox for as long as they want, before upgrading to a paid plan.


As a paid plan user, you’re still on our BEST and most recommended plan! With our Pro and Business plans, you can access all our premium features that are not available on the free Hobby plan, including…

  • 0% platform fees on fan donations
  • Contacts List
  • Mutli-Inbox
  • Welcome Videos
  • Embeddable Widgets

….and we’re going to continue making our paid plans a LOT more powerful.

That said, this new free Hobby plan is a great way for ALL podcasters to use PodInbox absolutely FREE!

We know a bunch of you have been waiting for our free version to arrive before you REALLY start telling your podcaster friends to try PodInbox. Well, now is the time! Our free Hobby tier is available starting today!

Please, tell all your podcaster friends to sign up for PodInbox on our free Hobby account! It’s not just a free trial, it’s a free plan…and no credit card is required. Also, don’t worry, we’re gonna keep this free Hobby plan around FOREVER.

The reason we’re able to do this and not go bankrupt is with this free Hobby account, we’re charging a 5% transaction fee on fan donations. So, we ONLY take a small percentage when the podcaster makes money.

There’s truly NOTHING to lose with this new free Hobby plan. So get your friends to sign up and use PodInbox to engage their fans, accept audio messages, and monetize their audience!

The more we can get PodInbox to grow…the more we can make PodInbox the best fan engagement platform for ALL podcasters!

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